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I have experienced and lived Montessori for more than 50 years, initially as a young student and later as a teacher, parent, leader, teacher trainer and now a consultant and writer.  I push the boundaries of education and work to create awareness of the contribution Montessori can make to educate children for the 21st century.  I have worked in education locally and globally, creating partnerships with other social enterprises to link education to the human social condition.  I established the first Montessori junior high in Canada in 1988 and transformed our School, Montessori Academy of London to become an NPO in 2010.

I look forward to the day when we don’t need to call it Montessori because all education functions by recognizing the human potential in each of us.

I hope to partner with you to support the type of education all children deserve.

I am always in awe of Margaret’s dedication to staying up to date with the latest educational trends and research. This dedication, combined with her Montessori experiences as a student, teacher, parent, administrator, consultant and colleague, grounds her writing and her presentations in the immediate reality of raising and educating children while conveying her deep conviction that Montessori pedagogy is the way.

-Pat Gere, Former Head of OMS, Canadian Council of Montessori Accreditation Visiting Team Member, Montessori Consultant