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Montessori Lessons in Interdependence: Greater Relevance Than Ever

Our pandemic clearly illustrates our interdependence. Protective equipment is required and made by someone else? During this time of isolation when essential workers still need to go to health care centers, shops, or pick up our garbage, who looks after them or their children? This opportunity, as difficult as it is for so many, for so many reasons, also is an opportunity for greater understanding of interdependence.


Montessori Everywhere…..

Tomorrow, Sunday, August 30th, thousands of people from every part of our globe are coming together to celebrate the amazing work being done by Montessorians everywhere, challenge ourselves to do better, ensuring access for all children and dismantling our biases, and connect (ing) with each other in solidarity and support, but particularly for all black members of our community… Continue reading Montessori Everywhere…..

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Different Parents?

Note to readers: I wrote “Different Parents?” in mid-May but never posted. Broader reach was my goal, so I submitted to a few publications with no responses. Not unusual. But I am compelled now to put this out into the world, but with the caveat, that we also consider being different parents by actively working… Continue reading Different Parents?

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Pulling Back the Curtain on Montessori Education

Each year new “Montessori” schools or programs appear across the globe.  These schools vary tremendously, often successfully embracing the uniqueness of each community. Still, many differ significantly in their commitment to Montessori pedagogy, despite the term’s use in their name or program descriptor. Like anything tremendously successful, there will always be some that choose to… Continue reading Pulling Back the Curtain on Montessori Education