Consulting and Speaking

Margaret Whitley has a wealth of knowledge and practical experience, grounded in Montessori philosophy and pedagogy for Administrators, Faculty and Parents. Having experienced her successful career as the Executive Director of a large and prominent Montessori school, I have witnessed and participated in numerous professional development sessions, parent education workshops as well as mentorship through organizational change and advancement, all of which made significant impacts on our school community. I highly recommend any organization to collaborate with Margaret. She will support the mission of your school while heightening your school’s practice, experiences and culture immensely.

–          Tina Sartori, Executive Director, Montessori Academy of London



Over the years I have advised, consulted and presented on a variety of topics about Parenting, Education, Montessori and Leadership.

Here is a recent talk from February 2017.  This could be tailored for any audience-corporations, parents, staff and conferences.

Here is a list of suggested topics (or suggest your own-in 30 years I have covered many topics):

All Audiences

  • A Real Education: a lifelong journey in Montessori

For the Parent in all of us….

  • Home and School partnership
  • Seeing the world through their Eyes
  • Importance of Independence
  • Benefits of Montessori
  • Montessori 101

Teachers, Leaders and Montessori

  • Cosmic Education-it is not out of this world but integral to it!
  • Benefits of Montessori for the 21st Century
  • Leading the Montessori Way (in any organization)
  • Protecting the Adolescent Spirit
  • The Importance of International Service Trips for 12 to 15-year-olds (ME to WE)
  • Back to the Material in a Montessori (Elementary)
  • So You Want to be a Montessori Teacher/Leader?
  • Caring Enough to plan for Succession
  • Setting Up a Parent Coffee Group
  • Maria Montessori: Promoter of Peace through Education


  • Skype, phone or on-site consulting for an hour, a half a day or several days….whatever you need at this time.

For more information contact me at or call 519-870-1699