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My Why

Change is inevitable. Our bodies change, the world around us changes, statis, does not exist, even if we pretend. The changes of this past year reminded almost every single person on this planet of this reality. The pandemic, racial hate, gender inequity, environmental degradation, lack of housing, food, clean water, job security, were amplified. Hopefully the increased volume will catalyze even more change.

But change has a habit of going off in many directions. Sometimes reverting to notions of past glory out of fear, but for many reliving the past is regressive. It is full of oppression and power imbalances. This has even guided our school systems for years, generating and perpetuating some students sense of inability, or worse, inferiority. Many on this earth, first as children and later as adults, believe they are not enough, nor will ever be enough.

I disagree.

Every person, has the potential to affect positive change, to change course, IF they are given a chance, if society believes in them, and ensures fertile soil to develop. We are all mustard seeds.

The work of Simon Sinek, determining your Why in life, reappears regularly, in my social media, on podcasts, and even my audible list. Yes, the algorithms are working. But after this past year, and as I continue to promote new frameworks for education, it was time I honed my Why.

My why, reason for doing everything I do, is….To honour the inherent gifts in each individual so that they feel supported to pursue their potential.

So, if I stumble, or fail to follow this, remind me. But I also hope you join me in supporting my Why.

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