Montessori Everywhere…..

Tomorrow, Sunday, August 30th, thousands of people from every part of our globe are coming together to celebrate the amazing work being done by Montessorians everywhere, challenge ourselves to do better, ensuring access for all children and dismantling our biases, and connect (ing) with each other in solidarity and support, but particularly for all black members of our community today and in the future.  Not only will there be twelve hours of amazing content, but we also hope to raise funds to increase support for black teachers to access Montessori teacher training.

Eight hours of the twelve hours of content is pre-recorded so if you register today you can watch it whenever possible.  I don’t expect all of you to get up at 3:00 am EDT! But if you want to join in on the Connect cafe’s they will be live and not recorded. For more details about the amazing organizers and the event itself see the details below and register.  DONT MISS OUT!


Thanks to the thousands of Montessorians who have quickly come together to organize such an amazing celebration, a testament to the power of our “human potential”

1 thought on “Montessori Everywhere…..”

  1. Three Cheers for the next 150 years. May there be 30,000 Montessori Schools worldwide with millions more to benefit from Montessori pedagogy reflecting the composition of humanity. Over 50% of humanity lives in Asia, and diversity is diversity. Asia and Africa reflect many diversity from within. Harmony to all!


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