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Stopping at the Equator

Today is the equinox, spring in the northern hemisphere and autumn in the southern.  Moments throughout the year like equinoxes and solstices help me to put my tiny life in perspective as our Earth revolves around the sun, and it helps children as well.  It signals a new season (even when it doesn’t feel like it) and reminds us of life in other parts of the world.  Today the sun is directly over the Equator, near Quito, Ecuador and in other equatorial regions.  They will have almost equal parts light and dark. So when I look out my window I see differences from other parts of our planet.  Fall is settling in somewhere else.  If we want our children to experience global citizenship, there is more to it than current events, it is understanding geography and how it impacts culture.  Take a few minutes today to stop at the Equator, and ideally if you have elementary age children and learn together more about the Equinox.  It is more than a fancy Google doodle.


Image result for equinox montessori charts


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