Our Cities, Our Future

Have you heard about  I hadn't until today but was excited to learn they encourage societies to think long-term.  I attended, at Cornerstone Architecture, a lunchtime showing of the Longnow seminar by Jonathon Rose, author of The Well-Tempered City. Rose's systematic approach to explaining the evolution of cities and his belief in the needed future direction was inspiring. He sees… Continue reading Our Cities, Our Future


The World Needs More Montessori

(a repost from LinkedIn 2017) More than ever the World Needs More Montessori. As we reel nightly while trying to process the state of the world's angst and subsequent consequences I continue to think if only more people knew about the work of Dr. Maria Montessori we would be in a different place. During Montessori's lifetime, she was… Continue reading The World Needs More Montessori